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What we do?

Oil is a major energy resource not only in GCC and MENA but all round the world as well. The production and usage of oil and gas and its derivatives are very high in the MENA region.

Our primary focus is on the energy-trading sector for the Petrochemicals and its derivatives. We are actively engaged in the trading and supply of a wide range of petrochemical products catering to the unique need of the global clientele. We supply products emanating from the petrochemicals value chain. Raw materials, intermediate and value added finished products constitute our broad products portfolio.

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We at Sino Energy see strong potential and a treasure trove of opportunities in the Energy and Petrochemical space. In the near future, Sino Energy will build long lasting partnerships with the stakeholders in the upstream as well as downstream petrochemical sectors to render Industry Best Trade Practices.

  • Our existence is defined by our determination to deliver unmatched quality with utmost commitment to our esteemed customers.
  • Sino Energy believes in building mutually beneficial and equally rewarding long-term association with its partners.
  • Inclusive Growth has been the hallmark of our success and sustainability.
  • Our customer base spans across the hot spots of Asia (& sub-continents), Far East & Middle East.
  • We are driven by our vision to establish global footprints in the arena of petrochemicals.
  • We at Sino Energy have a rich and rare expertise in the areas of Market Analysis, Price Forecasting and Trade Implementation that facilitate efficient export of our products. We are juxtaposed at the center of the International Trading Hub for Petrochemicals that gives us the edge over our peers. Our closely-knit network of Manufacturers, Consumers, Traders, Logistics- Support Managers and Cargo Carriers/ Fleet Owners enables us to capitalize on our mutual strengths for an effective and robust trade execution.

    We proudly own the fleet of four World-Class VLGC’s and three MGC’s which make their mark in the destination markets. Proposed addition of four VLGC’s in the future would be a remarkable milestone for Sino Energy’s journey in the petrochemical space. Our strategic positioning and penetrative marketing capabilities enable seamless synergies between Source and Terminal markets.

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