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LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a mixture of the liquefied gases of propane and butane. It is primarily obtained from natural gas or petroleum. LPG is mainly used for transport and vaporized for use as a heating fuel, engine fuel, or also as a feedstock in the petrochemical or chemical industries. In addition, it is also used as a fuel for cooking, heating and power cogeneration plants.

What are the advantages of LPG?

  • 1. They can be burnt directly.
  • 2. They can be transported easily through pipelines.
  • 3. They are clean fuels and do not give smoke when burnt.
  • 4. They give a lot of heat energy when burnt.

LPG is a portable, clean and efficient energy source which is readily available to consumers around the world. Its unique properties make it a versatile energy source which can be used in more than 1,000 different applications. The term LPG is used to describe two Natural Gas Liquids: propane and butane, or a mix of the two. Propane and butane are chemically quite similar but the small differences in their properties mean that they are particularly suited to specific uses. Often, propane and butane will be mixed to get the best energy yields and properties.

We supply products emanating from the petrochemicals value chain. Raw materials, intermediate and value added finished products constitute our broad products portfolio.

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